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The Formats:

Cardio Shvitzboxing

Ready to get shvitzy? A cardio kickboxing class powered by Israeli-inspired music.This class will be sure to get your heart rate up and leave you smiling.

Core Kvetch & Stretch

A 30-minute low-impact class powered by Israeli-inspired music that will focus on strengthening your core muscles & end with a stretch.

Shvitz, Kvetch, & Plotz

The best of both worlds! This class is half cardio routines and half core and strength routines. Though all are welcome to attend, this class is recommended for those who have joined at least 10 classes. 



A 30-minute class powered by Israeli-inspired music to get the Kinderlach moving. Great for ages 3+!

Two Ways to Take Class:

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Recorded Classes

Want to SababaSweat on your own schedule? Want to be able to brighten and energize your day at ANY time? We've got recorded content just for you! Click below for more information and to get started!

Schedule an Event

Interested in scheduling a SababaSweat class for your organization? Classes are perfect for a Women's Night, Youth Group, fundraising, or a just-for-fun event. Click below to start planning a private group class that will be perfect for your organization!

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