Are you looking for a unique, energetic, and fun virtual event to bring to your organization?


Look no further! SababaSweat classes are perfect for a Women's Night, Wellness Series,
Youth Group event, or a just-for-fun event. Click below for more information and

to start planning a private group class that will keep your community happy & healthy!

Past Events & Testimonials

We have partnered with organizations across the country including: Hillels, Synagogues, Chabads, and Moishe Houses to bring fun & energetic group fitness classes to their communities.

See below for testimonials:

Past Hosts Include:

Testimonials from Past Hosts

"Ever since I took my first class with SababaSweat, I am always looking forward to the next one! I have invited friends of all athletic abilities and everyone always has the best time!! We all leave with sweaty smiling faces and I can't wait to SababaSweat again soon!"

-Moishe House Brookline Resident

"Amanda's class was so fun and engaging! The Israeli music was unbeatable and she was super encouraging throughout the class and great about offering modifications! Would definitely recommend her class, especially as a group event!"

-Moishe House Cambridge Resident

"It was so easy to plan a Cardio Shvitzboxing event with Amanda. Our congregants who attended absolutely loved it! I would strongly recommend Amanda's classes for any group event - your community members will thank you! We are already planning our second event."

-Executive Director, Temple Israel Sharon

"This kickboxing event was exactly what we needed to bring some energy to the Atlanta Jewish community! We had so much fun, and loved getting to work out with people all across the east coast. Thank you Amanda!"

-Moishe House RSJ Atlanta Resident

"I got such good feedback from attendees of the event and WOW I was sweaty! Thank you so much!"

-Moishe House Fenway Resident © 2020

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