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Burlington, VT

Can't recommend SababaSweat's fun, live virtual workouts enough. Amanda is very welcoming and enthusiastic, making the classes fun for all skill levels. I've already lost 6 pounds without changing any eating habits, but I also feel stronger and happier which is even better!

Atlanta, GA

Cardio Shvitzboxing always makes me feel really present and positive! The classes are challenging, fun, and a great way to connect with others.

Los Angeles, CA

I was an avid hater of all things cardio...then I took my first class with Amanda and was instantly hooked! I look forward to my Thursday classes and always end sweating and smiling!


Boston, MA

I LOVE these classes! The energy is contagious, everything is approachable, and I leave class exhausted, sweaty, and smiling.

Portland, OR

SababaSweat classes are so fun to go to! The exercises push you (in a good way!) and the music pumps you up. I always feel like I've had a great workout and feel super happy afterwards.

Boston, MA

Class puts me in such a good mood, which is why I keep coming back. It's not just a great workout, but a mood booster too!


Boston, MA

Sababa Sweat classes are the best way for me to get a good cardio workout from home! It can be difficult to get in your cardio if you don't have access to a gym right now, so this class is perfect! The music is great, and Amanda is a fabulous and energetic instructor!

Boston, MA

I love SababaSweat because it is fun and makes me feel great! Especially during this pandemic, my body really needs the chance to stretch and move. The music Amanda chooses keeps the class upbeat and makes me feel motivated even when the routines are hard. Best of all, Amanda is FANTASTIC at providing different levels of difficulty all within one class. Through it all, she constantly reminds us that it's easier with a smile on your face, so I always leave class feeling more positive than when class started.

Boston, MA

Even when I have had a long day and do not feel like exercising, I know that the hardest part is showing up.  Once I am zooming with Amanda I find some inner strength and as Amanda beautifully puts it -"I shake out my day!".  Her exuberance and energy are contagious and before I know it, the class has flown by and I got in my workout!  Amanda is awesome!


Miami, FL

The classes offered by Sababa Sweet and Amanda make me feel empowered. Not only do they make me feel physically strong, but also show me how capable I am if I work hard. Amanda’s energy is contagious and I have so much fun doing the classes. They go by so quickly!

Cambridge, MA

I love the energy of the class. It's about having fun and jumping around without pressure to follow difficult choreography or form.

Minneapolis, MN

Sababa Sweat is FUN, ENERGIZING, and EMPOWERING! So many fitness classes make people feel inadequate and are focused on changing bodies. Amanda provides the opposite. She provides a space where EVERYONE feels strong, confident, and BEAUTIFUL in their own body just the way they are!


Boston, MA

SababaSweat classes are always upbeat and motivational! Everyone can workout at their own pace and it's really nice to see other people participating in the class live with you!

Boston, MA

SababaSweat has kept me coming back for months - every single class is so positive and full of energy!

Brooklyn, NY

Sababasweat truly reflects its name. The classes make you sweat while having a great time. I used to avoid cardio workouts at all costs, but these classes I can’t get enough of! The upbeat energy, fun music, and easy to catch on to moves have been an empowering addition to my day.

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